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Welcome to AbletonLiveTraining.com

Not just another Live training resource!

We're both Ableton Live Certified Trainers, combining our long experience in using and teaching Live, with our varied experiences in the music industry in general - we're uniquely qualified to bring you the best possible Ableton Live advice, whether you're a total newbie, a diehard...or somewhere in-between with the real people!

We like to be out there in the world, meeting folks and doing things, so most of our time is spent doing private Live consultancy work, whether that's for producers, touring musicians, pro DJs, composers, or remixers.

Email if you want us to help with your Live setup.

In Europe, contact Martin: martin@abletonlivetraining.com
In the USA, contact Ken: ken@abletonlivetraining.com

Read our bios, in case you're not sure which one of us to contact.

Recent Events

On March 28thth, 2013, Ken held the media event for Ableton at Glendale Community College unveiling Ableton Live 9 and Push.


On February 26th, 2013, Martin held the media event for Ableton at the Apple Store, Regent Street, London, unveiling Ableton Live 9 and Push.